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01.04.21 09:03:02 pm
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user Pagyra has written:
Cursor is a separate topic that I'll post later on.
It will be ray casted cursor.
Grenades are thrown by releasing attack button, holding to control the strength.

I mean by checking cursor position, not by holding. To use the pattern of weapon spray spread under cursor position, with changing pattern of weapon spray spread size to depend on the distance between cursor and player position. It makes sense to make aiming harder than it is in cs2d.
I wrote about this earlier in ideas.

This proposal will surely slightly change existing gameplay - after all, now the player will properly sense every next shot, and will have to compensate for. I will repeat at this moment player have to limit use of firing a full burst, and shoot a limited (short) burst. In any case, more ordered shooting with spray pattern will significantly improve player skills than currently available false hope for a random shot.
Here is a link for you to video in which a similar situation is described in 3d shooter (video review about Calibre game in alpha version, but anyway it has same problem).
(russian voice but you can use comments)

Moreover, I think it’s a good idea to continue to refine the basic idea of the original game by adding different play modes and improves playability.
I remember you creating the scripts to collect statistics and achievements, and I think it would be a great use to teach and improve the quality of the game to beginners and create interest in achievements for experienced players. To further improve this, I think it would be great to create a series of dynamically generated maps (which can also be produced cooperatively). In these maps, the player will be given some shifting and difficult-to-achieve conditions of tasks aimed at improving their skills.
There are 4 basic types of tasks in my mind:
- Training tasks: Small, designed to work out one particular trick or type of weapon.
- Playtest tasks: The most common type. It’s a whole sequence of different tricks on typical map positions and enemies.
- Aiming tasks: The idea is to shoot down the required number of targets as quickly as possible.
- Levelup tasks: On these tasks, the player must run to certain points on the map with killing enemies or collecting the necessary number of items and proceed to the finish in limited time.
- Smart tasks: Puzzles to understand undetected situations from the use of weapons, effects, positions
Over time, the library of such tasks will grow with suggestions from the players themselves.

I am sure that we were brought to this site not only by the fact of the game itself, but also by the possibility of changing it and improving it via scripts, mods and other, and it should be continued in mobile version too, cause that’s part of why it’s so popular. But subject to the condition of supervision.
So certainly there are a lot of cool modes that can be offered for use on servers, I think it maybe adding in it as mutators in old Unreal Tournament. And in future versions to supplement them with new, which tried and balanced with a test group.
There are two more videos with various chips that can be added as mods:
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13.04.21 11:59:45 am
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Bro, let me test the superduper mobile game that I will script so hard.
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