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English RPG mod

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old RPG mod

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Good afternoon.
I have not seen such a topic on the forum, so I am writing separately.
I want to make an RPG mod based on Stranded 2. (I like this game!)
To gain strength/agility/health, damage/dodge, heal and damage scaling, skills/achievements, development schemes, and more.
It is clear that there will be no normal combat here, since the damage is triggered within a radius of the unit, but something can be done.
I think it will turn out to be a very interesting mod.
I have already chosen the mechanics based on the book, the author's permission has been received.
I don't understand the source code, so I'll use some kind of ready-made platform, probably 2.5.
I wanted to take a look at Titanium beforehand, but I didn't find it on the Internet. They promised a large list of positions in unit models and others.
Please advise the most suitable platform for creating this mod in terms of the best performance and the most appropriate set of actions.
And immediately the second question: I want to introduce a crocodile into the game, but there are only non-aggressive amphibians in the list of behaviors. There is an opinion to use a constant timer "attack_player" (as in "lost in space"), but maybe there is a better option?
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