List of Stranded II Buildings

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This is a list of objects that the player may build with a hammer.

Building unlocks

- On the start of the game you can build a: Tent, and/or Shelter.

- Upon building the Tent or Shelter, you unlock the ability to build the: Campfire, and the Fence.

- Once you have built a Campfire, you unlock the ability to make the: Torch building, the Stone Storage, the Wood Storage, and the Storage.

- After you've built a Storage, (not the stone or wood one) you unlock the ability the build a: Treehouse, a Hut, a Logboat, a Defense Tower, and a Well.

- If you choose to do so, building a Well will unlock the: Kiwibreeding building, and the Garden.

- When you build a Tree house or Hut, you unlock the ability to make the: Big Storage, the Trap, the Sailraft, the Palisade, the Gate, and the Hammock.

- Taming a monkey by feeding it bananas will unlock the Monkey School.

Skill related building unlocks

- Obtaining 100 Hunting unlocks the Stance.

- Obtaining 50 Fishing unlocks the Bow Net.

- Obtaining 100 Planting unlocks the Herbal-garden.

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