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Peter Schauss (actually Peter Schauß, the German character ß is read as 'ss' in English), who is also known under his nickname DarkCorner (or DC for short) is the head of Unreal Software, a small and independent game- and software developer. He uses this name to publish his hobby projects.

He developed his first 3D-game, Stranded I, in the tender age of 15 years and published the "gold" version of it on May 12, 2003. More games followed later, such as Counter-Strike 2D, Minigolf Madness and Stranded II (which he won an Alienware PC with). The most recent project is Carnage Contest.



The nickname DarkCorner resulted from his behaviour of camping in first-person shooters, hiding in dark corners where he was hard to spot for enemies while he could kill them easily, playing e.g. as a sniper. As he doesn't do such things any more he also doesn't want to be addressed as DarkCorner any more but rather as DC.

He is the administrator of the Unreal Software forums and he has the Unreal Software ID 1 (as seen on his profile).

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