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CS2D is a 2D top-down shooter developed by Unreal Software. It is based heavily on Counter-Strike by Valve and is a one man project made by Peter Schauss.

Peter Schauss, under the name of Unreal Software (creator of Stranded and Stranded II), first began developing CS2D in 2002. The game's first Alpha versions were published in early 2004, but it truly gained popularity around Christmas Eve 2004 with the release of Beta In August 2008, CS2D Max was released, adding many more features, and the game grew, for a time, to a small gaming community with around 1400 active players worldwide.

In November 2015 CS2D entered the final stage of development. The transition was considered by DC to be more of a symbolic act, since the release saw few significant gameplay changes or additions.

Selected article
The AK-47 is the Terrorists' trademark "bullet-spraying beast". Costing $2500 and using 30-round 7.62x39mm WP magazines, the price is what makes this weapon so attractive and so popular among Terrorists, and it's perfect for open spaces where as many enemies as possible have to be hit with few shots.


In hand weapon image number in weapons.bmp(unused) = 8

Dropped weapon image number in weaponsd.bmp(unused) = 13

Offset in position of in hand weapon image relative to center of player image (in pixels) = 26


  • Along with the Galil and Famas it is cheap, so it can be bought if in an "economical crisis" situation instead of armor or grenades.


  • Its accuracy is low, but it still is considerably dangerous when used in corridor warfare
Attention required
Need help with calculating new refire rates and weights of weapons. Please have the values stored somewhere, I'll be making a weapon infocard template shortly. See how on this page.
EngiN33R (talk) 13:54, 5 April 2012 (CEST)
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In the news
  • CS2D was released Dec 11, 2013, fixing bugs such as the light/shadow engine crash and lag compensation, adding the ability to set ammo values, and other various features.
  • An optional hotfix for CS2D was released Feb 15, 2013, fixing some of the new (and some old) bugs, adding UTF-8 support for translation files, and and other various features.
  • CS2D was released Feb 10, 2013, allowing bots to be flashed by flashbangs, adding in-line colour tag support, and other various features.
  • CS2D was released Aug 1, 2012, focusing on bug fixes and adding some community-suggested features, like infinite round time on Standard mode.
  • CS2D was released Mar 1, 2012, adding in 3 new weapons, the Gas Mask, the ability to change the language of the game, the light/shadow engine by BlazingEyed, and other various features.
  • A security update to the dedicated server software has been released Jun 5, 2011, patching an exploit that allowed faking USGN IDs.
  • CS2D was released Mar 25, 2011, bringing a lot of new interface, Lua and other various features.
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