Portal Gun (Counter-Strike 2D)

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Portal Gun (88)
Portal Gun.png
Slot: 1 | 0
Type: Special (Items)
Price: $10000
Damage: no
Ammo: 0 | -1
Fire rate: 5 rounds/sec (FD: 5)
Range: Medium (300px, 9.38t)
Weight: Normal (SM: 0)
Accuracy: Perfect (Variation: 0)
Recoil: 5
Reload: no

The Portal Gun is a unique weapon. Although it cannot kill players directly, it can be used to build deadly traps to kill indirectly. It is however mainly used for quick transportation and for reaching otherwise unreachable places.

The regular attack creates an orange portal, the alt attack - a blue one. These portals are two-way so a player can teleport from orange to blue and from blue to orange. Only one orange and one blue portal can be opened by a player. Pressing the reload key removes all portals currently open.

The Portal Gun can shoot through obstacles, however not through walls. Not all types of surfaces are portal-placeable as well - Portals cannot be playced on deadly tiles or on metal tiles, for example. Portals can also not be placed on tiles marked with a Info_NoBuildings entity with the "Mines/Portals" setting disallowed.






Portal traps


  1. This trap has a few other requirements - to have a wrench, the ability to build a Teleporter Entrance and a narrow 1-tile passage.
  2. This trap is one-way only, it only blocks passage from the side where the Teleporter Exit is placed.
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