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Counter-Strike 2D, commonly abbreviated to CS2D, is a 2D top-down shooter developed by Unreal Software. It's a remake of Counter-Strike and a one man project made by Peter Schauss.

Peter Schauss, in the name of Unreal Software under which he has developed the popular games Stranded and Stranded II, began developing Counter-Strike 2D in 2002. He started working on the Alpha version in early 2004, but it became more popular on 2004's Christmas Eve when the Beta was released. In August 2008, Counter-Strike 2D Max was released bringing a lot more features and has grown to what it is today: a rather small gaming community with around 1400 players worldwide.

The initial idea of Counter-Strike 2D was to create a game which is much like the original Counter-Strike game by Valve Software but in a top-down perspective. This goal has been reached by implementing all the original Counter-Strike weapons with their original sounds, by adding the most well-known Hostage Rescue (CS) and Bomb Defuse (DE) scenarios, including the Assasination (AS) mode and finally by creating 2D versions of the most popular Counter-Strike maps.

As of 10th February 2013, the latest version is Beta




  • Fast paced and tactical gaming similar to Counter-Strike.
  • Chat & original Counter-Strike radio messages.
  • Fog of war only lets you see enemies in your field of view (optional - implemented to make the 2D version similar to 3D view in which you must turn back to see behind you)
  • Bots (AI) available for on- and offline gaming.
  • 70 different game items that influence the gameplay
  • Constructable buildings expanding the tactical opportunities


Counter-Strike 2D can be played online with players from all over the globe; these are some of the features the multiplayer mode provides:

  • Serverlist with sorting, filters, Internet servers, LAN servers and favourites.
  • Friends system and authentication based on UnrealSoftware.de accounts.
  • Listen servers (Windows, Linux and Mac) and dedicated servers (Windows, Linux).
  • Spraylogo, map and file transfer.
  • RCon (remote control) for dedicated servers.
  • Voting, kicking, banning, mapcycles and many other settings.
  • Server player ranking and stats (in-game and as HTML output).
  • Lua support that results in endless popular mods.

Map types

Main article: Maptypes


  • Standard - the classic mode taken from the original game. A team only wins by either killing the other enemy team entirely or by completing the map objective (like bomb explosion). When a player dies, he will be spectating and marked as *DEAD* until the round ends.
  • Deathmatch - individual survival mode, free-for-all.
  • Team Deathmatch - get together with other people in squads and kill the other teams in a never-ending game.
  • Construction - similar to the Team Deathmatch mode, but in this mode you can construct buildings such as turrets, walls, barricades, barbed wire, teleporters and more.
  • Zombies! - Terrorists are zombies and must infect all Counter-Terrorists. Counter-Terrorists must survive until the round ends.


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