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CS2D CS2D icon mini.png
Author: Unreal Software
Current version: (07.04.2018)
Release date: 2004
Genre: 2D top-down shooter
Download link: Download
CS2D is a 2D top-down shooter developed by Unreal Software. It is a remake of Counter-Strike and a one man project made by Peter Schauss.

Peter Schauss, under the name of Unreal Software (creator of Stranded and Stranded II), first began developing CS2D in 2002. The game's first Alpha versions were published in early 2004, but it truly gained popularity around Christmas Eve 2004 with the release of Beta In August 2008, CS2D Max was released, adding many more features, and the game has since grown to what it is today: a relatively small gaming community with around 1400 active players worldwide.

In November 2015 CS2D entered the final stage of development. The transition was considered by DC to be more of a symbolic act, since the release saw few significant gameplay changes or additions.

The initial idea for CS2D was to create a game which is much like the original Counter-Strike game by Valve Software, but in a top-down perspective. This goal has been reached by implementing all the original Counter-Strike weapons with their original sounds, by adding the most well-known Hostage Rescue (CS) and Bomb Defuse (DE) scenarios, including the Assasination (AS) mode and finally by creating 2D versions of the most popular Counter-Strike maps. This original idea has since been expanded upon with the addition of the Construction and Zombies game modes, new weapons, Lua modding functionality and much more.

As of 7th April, 2018, the current version of CS2D is, the last release before the game is available on Steam.





CS2D can be played online with players from all over the globe; these are some of the features the multiplayer mode provides:

Map types

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