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Carnage Contest
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2D turn-based action/artillery

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Carnage Contest (commonly abbreviated to CC) is the latest game by DC which was first released on September 29, 2009. With the latest version being it's in the beta development phase. The game is inspired by Worms by Team 17. According to DC, the project is a rather minor one, when compared to Stranded II and CS2D.



Get the bloody contest started!
Carnage Contest is a 2D turn based multiplayer shooter with fully destructible terrain.

You can play online with and against your friends on randomly generated maps. It's also possible to draw your own maps. You can simply import bmp and png images as maps or use the in-game editor.

Moreover there is a huge arsenal of weapons. All scripted with Lua. Experienced players can easily modify existing weapons or create completely new ones! Weaponsets allow you to quickly define which weapons will be available in the game

So what are you waiting for? Time to kick your enemy's ass!

  • fully destructible 2D pixel worlds
  • a huge arsenal of crazy weapons
  • simply load bmp and png images as maps
  • randomly generated maps with different landscapes
  • script your own weapons with Lua
  • play with up to 8 players online
  • easily find and join games with the U.S.G.N. serverlist
  • a lot of blood + politically/religiously incorrect
  • faster gameplay (less waiting time) than most comparable games


System requirements

Differences between CC and Worms

Carnage Contest runs on the same principles as Worms, but has many features that Worms does not have:

  • a much bigger set of weapons
  • Lua scriptable weapons and game modes
  • players move faster and jump higher/further
  • weapons can be used mid-air and while moving or jumping
  • gameplay is faster (less waiting time)
  • building stuff does not end the turn (unlike the grider in worms)
  • the turn does not end when the player gets hurt
  • the player decides if they want fall damage to end turns
  • there are three weapon categories for a better overview
  • weapons do not fire if time runs out while charging
  • there's a useful minimap
  • resolution is freely selected, allowing windowed or fullscreen mode
  • the game is cross-platform (supports Windows, Linux and Mac)
  • it's distributed as freeware



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