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These are the official Changelogs of Carnage Contest. Note that the Alpha release is missing as it was integrated into the beta listing in its release.

Tool.pngBeta - 24.10.2011
[FIXED] Player arrows of invisible players were still visible

[FIXED] Manual positioning didn't work properly with more than 2 net-players
[FIXED] It was possible that the player got stuck in narrow & slopy passages
[FIXED] Turn display did not show the right values sometimes
[FIXED] Clients sometimes didn't receive the map preview image
[FIXED] Synchronity problem caused by fire objects
[FIXED] It was possible to save teams without a name
[FIXED] It was possible to save team members without a name
[FIXED] Game failed to save teams with special characters in their name
[FIXED] In-game sound effects continued to play in the menu
[FIXED] Sometimes wrong team color when hovering a team healthbar
[FIXED] It was possible to get stuck with the raft

[CHANGED] Chat input length is not limited by resolution anymore

[CHANGED] "Swap" now ends the turn
[CHANGED] You have to stand on the ground to be able to use "Swap"
[CHANGED] Improved "Upper Cut" and "Brain Punsh" hit zones
[CHANGED] Some tweaks for better performance
[CHANGED] Improved interface effects
[CHANGED] Number of turns per round now doesn't change during a round
[CHANGED] Lua projectileid command renamed to getprojectileid (projectileid still working for compatibility)
[CHANGED] Lua useweapon command can now decrease the weapon amount multiple times with new param. value 2
[CHANGED] You can now place multiple "buildings" of the same type without re-selecting them after each placement
[CHANGED] Sonic Grenade and Ice Grenade now remove nearby fire
[CHANGED] Winter removes all fire on the map
[CHANGED] (Super) Jet-Pack now uses hudchargebar instead of hudammobar to display remaining fuel amount
[CHANGED] Faster multiplayer loading: Lua scripts will only be transmitted if they differ (instead of always)
[CHANGED] Game does not use the OS load/save filerequest anymore and doesn't pause when selecting a file
[CHANGED] Supply/medikit crates now support movement on x-axis (for manipulation with scripts)

[ADDED] Welcome screen on first start, allowing to change the nick and to create a team

[ADDED] New map format: shape map - allows big maps with very small file size
[ADDED] Maps can now have a background image (see "BG"-button in editor)
[ADDED] Replays (including a replay menu and a replay recording setting)
[ADDED] Multiple teams per player host setting
[ADDED] Warning when running game in program files or temporary folder
[ADDED] Mouse pointer will become transparent when mouse is not moved for a while
[ADDED] Game ender icon in top left corner (when game ender started)
[ADDED] Hotkey Q: Scroll to currently active player
[ADDED] Map size text in lobby can be clicked to change it
[ADDED] Video and audio settings can now be changed while being in a game
[ADDED] Game will remember the map size setting
[ADDED] New supply orders/medikit drops are indicated with arrows if out of screen
[ADDED] Weapons can have flags (new optional addweapon command parameter)
[ADDED] Round is highlighted in round/turnbar at top when it changes
[ADDED] Weapon usage stats for each match
[ADDED] Main menu button graphics
[ADDED] Hotseat mode (was possible before but is less confusing now)
[ADDED] Game now automatically reloads changed Lua scripts in lobby
[ADDED] You can now load/save the host game settings from/in files
[ADDED] You can now place objects in the editor (saved with map)
[ADDED] You can now place spawnpoints in the editor (saved with map)
[ADDED] Random seed value for certain map types can be changed in editor
[ADDED] Lua Node commands:
[ADDED] Lua Mission commands:
[ADDED] Lua getterraincolor command (get color of the terrain)
[ADDED] Lua getturn command (get current turn/turn of round/# turns in round)
[ADDED] Lua imagecollision command (check collision between 2 images)
[ADDED] Lua getweaponlist command (get list of all weapons)
[ADDED] Lua getweaponinfo command (get info about weapon)
[ADDED] Lua getweaponcount command (get count of weapon)
[ADDED] Lua setweaponcount command (set count of weapon)
[ADDED] Lua getweaponlock command (check if a weapon is locked)
[ADDED] Lua setweaponlock command (lock/unlock a weapon)
[ADDED] Lua getprojectiletype command (get type of a projectile)
[ADDED] Lua scripted game enders (see "scripts/Game Enders" folder)
[ADDED] Game ender: Kill random
[ADDED] Game ender: Kill strongest
[ADDED] Game ender: Kill leftmost
[ADDED] Game ender: Kill rightmost
[ADDED] Game ender: Kill topmost
[ADDED] Game ender: Kill bottommost
[ADDED] Game ender: Poison All
[ADDED] Game ender: All 1 HP
[ADDED] Lua scripted game modes (see "scripts/Game Modes" folder)
[ADDED] Game mode: Deathmatch (standard)
[ADDED] Game mode: InstaGib
[ADDED] Game mode: No Damage
[ADDED] Game mode: Best of 1 Round
[ADDED] Game mode: Best of 3 Rounds
[ADDED] Game mode: Best of 5 Rounds
[ADDED] Freeze Gun
[ADDED] Nyan Cat (by Holzchopf)

[REMOVED] Warning message about offensive stuff at start
Alpha - 30.09.2010
[FIXED] Freeze after first turn with manual positioning and enabled mines

[FIXED] Green Supply crate shine effect was affected by mine blinking
[FIXED] Leave messages from lobby were displayed in-game at start of session
[FIXED] Command ai_weapon did not work
[FIXED] Mines were placed at wrong positions on non-random maps
[FIXED] "Switch Player" item amount has not been reduced on use
[FIXED] Asynchronous random map generation due to floating point disparity
[FIXED] Wrong map preview alignment on client-side
[FIXED] Problems with asynchronous random numbers on different platforms

[CHANGED] Balancing: Some weapon damage/amount/availability values changed

[CHANGED] Flames at same pos. don't cause more damage than a single flame anymore
[CHANGED] Lua IO functions disabled (potential security vulnerability)
[CHANGED] Lua OS.execute function disabled (potential security vulnerability)
[CHANGED] Starting team is determined in a more fair way (always different)
[CHANGED] Chat is now visible while weapon selection menu is opened
[CHANGED] Editor can now be accessed from main menu as well
[CHANGED] You can now see all server settings @ server info menu in-game
[CHANGED] Supply crate amount levels: none, few, some, many, insane

[ADDED] Auto update (Windows only)

[ADDED] Taskbar flashing (Windows only)
[ADDED] Weapon crate chance setting (how often will item be in crates?)
[ADDED] Active player blinks if it is yours and you are idle
[ADDED] Team detail box when hovering a team name in-game
[ADDED] "Send audio signal" function in lobby
[ADDED] Screenshot function (Pos1/Home key)
[ADDED] Water bubble particles
[ADDED] Bullet particles
[ADDED] Spark particles
[ADDED] Reed
[ADDED] Bear traps
[ADDED] Medikits
[ADDED] "No Damage" game mode
[ADDED] "InstaGib" game mode
[ADDED] Lua scripted game modes (see "scripts/Game Modes")
[ADDED] Lua scripted objects are now possible (stay in map as long as you want)
[ADDED] Lua object commands:
[ADDED] Lua hudmapborder command (draw red mapborder)
[ADDED] Lua hudpositioning command extended (object collision parameter)
[ADDED] Lua collision command extended (object collision and ignore system)
[ADDED] Lua terrainmodification command (has the terrain been modified?)
[ADDED] Lua firecollision command (text collision with fire objects)
[ADDED] Lua random and randomseed commands (synchronous random numbers)
[ADDED] Lua screenwidth and screenheight commands (get screen resolution)
[ADDED] Wind setting (server setting)
[ADDED] Mine explosion delay setting (server setting)
[ADDED] Crates on map limit setting (server setting)
[ADDED] Bear trap amount setting (server setting)
[ADDED] Medikit amount setting (server setting)
[ADDED] Medikit heal setting (server setting)
[ADDED] Game ender start setting (server setting)
[ADDED] Game ender type setting (server setting)
[ADDED] Icons and different colors in weaponset editor for better overview
[ADDED] Recently collected items will now be highlighted in inventory
[ADDED] Current player blinks on minimap
[ADDED] Animation and sounds for stats
[ADDED] F1-F12 can be used as weapon-hotkeys (point at wpn and hit key to assign)
[ADDED] Map size is now displayed over the minimap in lobby
[ADDED] Text shadow setting (allows to disable text shadows on slow systems)
[ADDED] Pac-Man
[ADDED] Mine Drop
[ADDED] Medikit Drop
[ADDED] Trap Kit
[ADDED] Parasite
[ADDED] Baby Buggy
[ADDED] Swap
[ADDED] Shield Generator
[ADDED] Explosives
[ADDED] The Stake of Inquisition
[ADDED] Stealth Ninja
[ADDED] Rope (by Tobchen)
[ADDED] Shaft (by Holzchopf)
[ADDED] Shaft (by Holzchopf)

Alpha - 11.03.2010
[FIXED] Object (supply crates, fire) sync problems (finally?!)

[FIXED] "Too many projectiles" error after several game sessions
[FIXED] "playerstate" didn't work properly when called multiple times at same frame
[FIXED] Missing sound effect when stones from "Stoning"-weapon hit water
[FIXED] Weapon menu also changed when mousewheel was turned while game was suspended
[FIXED] It was possible to throw grenades into close players/terrain
[FIXED] Missing friction for grenades rolling over even terrain
[FIXED] You now ALWAYS get NO damage when falling on other players
[FIXED] Blood amount setting did not work properly
[FIXED] First turn player randomness was not correct
[FIXED] Multiple teams: Players were able to move only one of their teams per round
[FIXED] Stats displayed wrong match duration

[CHANGED] Some Lua tweaks/optimizations

[CHANGED] Balancing: Some weapon damage/amount/availability values changed
[CHANGED] M/P toggle minimap/playerarrows now. You don't need to keep them pressed!
[CHANGED] Supply crate fallspeed now depends on map height (high maps -> faster)
[CHANGED] Supply crates will not be dropped directly over players
[CHANGED] Supply crates will not be dropped over water
[CHANGED] hudtimer now ranges from 1 to 10 instead of 0 to 9
[CHANGED] Grenade timers now range from 1 to 10 seconds
[CHANGED] Chat input will not be deleted when switching between lobby and game
[CHANGED] You now also see the stats screen when the game is canceled
[CHANGED] "Short Teleport" now has to be collected but doesn't end your turn
[CHANGED] You can now change the screen resolution without restarting the game
[CHANGED] Some minor weaponset changes
[CHANGED] Increased fire damage + random "fire jumping"
[CHANGED] Server settings splitted (2 pages)
[CHANGED] "Virus" renamed to "Pandemic"

[ADDED] U.S.G.N. powered NAT hole punching for better server connectivity

[ADDED] Set server to "not ready" when players add/remove teams or join/leave
[ADDED] Manual player positioning (server setting)
[ADDED] Trap crates (explosive supply crates, server setting)
[ADDED] Friction setting (server setting)
[ADDED] Mines and dud amount (server setting)
[ADDED] Blood color setting
[ADDED] Item icon when you collect a supply crate
[ADDED] Modifiable Lua AI for computer controlled players (just random atm)
[ADDED] Lua AI commands:
[ADDED] Lua setbgcolor command (changes background color)
[ADDED] Lua drawline command (draws a line between two positions)
[ADDED] Lua getplayeralliance command (returns alliance of a player)
[ADDED] Additional optional parameters for playertable command
[ADDED] Some additional effects
[ADDED] Health +/- messages
[ADDED] Experimental Drugs
[ADDED] Anti-Gravity
[ADDED] Super Digger
[ADDED] Hitler
[ADDED] Rat Attack
[ADDED] Osama bin Laden
[ADDED] Mine
[ADDED] Mine Kit

Alpha - 19.12.2009
[FIXED] Some Lua weapon script bugs

[FIXED] Parts of imported map images were sometimes cut off
[FIXED] Weapon amount has been decreased when round ended while charging
[FIXED] Bug in automatic linebreak for lobby
[FIXED] Turn sometimes ended while players were standing in fire

[CHANGED] Now using DirectX9 drivers on Windows systems

[CHANGED] Primary weapon is now green in weapon set editor
[CHANGED] No crates if there is no weapon with limited amount
[CHANGED] You can fade-in the turn/round bar by hovering over its position
[CHANGED] Players per team do not change when changing the team
[CHANGED] Weapon menu is now always accessible in-game
[CHANGED] Increased supply fall speed
[CHANGED] Now stopping menu music when game is suspended
[CHANGED] Fire now also disappears after causing some damage

[ADDED] Game automatically selects best players per team amount for new players

[ADDED] Game remembers the last players per team count
[ADDED] Frame skipping - game now runs better on slow systems
[ADDED] You can now hold [P] to see all player positions
[ADDED] You can now hold [M] for a minimap
[ADDED] In-game chat automatic linebreak
[ADDED] Console output when collecting items
[ADDED] Option to auto-join a server as soon as the running game ended
[ADDED] Match duration is displayed on end
[ADDED] Export of maps from the editor as png-images (save -> type: png)
[ADDED] Conversion of map type and style in the editor
[ADDED] Lobby terrain style and terrain form buttons for quick changes
[ADDED] Fall damage server setting
[ADDED] Tree leaves for green landscapes
[ADDED] Map borders for cave maps
[ADDED] Rocks on most random map landscapes
[ADDED] Crazy air particles
[ADDED] Lua hudtimer command + changeable timers for all grenades
[ADDED] Super Shotgun
[ADDED] Plasma Blaster
[ADDED] Kick Jump
[ADDED] Wings
[ADDED] Super Jet-Pack
[ADDED] Flopper the Dolphin
[ADDED] Mosquito

Alpha - 29.09.2009
[FIXED] Some little interface/hud bugs
[CHANGED] Projectile ID now passed to draw/update funcs as parameter

[CHANGED] You can now see the stats even if the server shuts down
[CHANGED] Player weapon now rendered over all players
[CHANGED] Improved blood effects
[CHANGED] Slightly enhanced player physics
[CHANGED] System messages (*** bla bla bla ***) are now red
[CHANGED] U.S.G.N. user password is now saved encrypted

[ADDED] U.S.G.N. login state on start screen

[ADDED] FPS display when pressing tab
[ADDED] Setting for saving/not saving downloaded files as client
[ADDED] Additional weapon info texts for some weapons
[ADDED] "Return to Lobby" option for server
[ADDED] Snow landscape
[ADDED] Mars landscape
[ADDED] Santa
[ADDED] Supply Order
[ADDED] Sub Bomb
[ADDED] Wall
[ADDED] For Allah!
[ADDED] Missile Battery
[ADDED] Raft
[ADDED] Pogo Stick

Alpha - 26.09.2009
[FIXED] Timeline lines out of timeline area when using healstuff

[FIXED] Some firearms caused double damage when firing next to target
[FIXED] Some network stuff changed (and hopefully fixed)

[CHANGED] Camera now doesn't follow players which are moved by fire
[ADDED] DirectX when starting with -dx or -directx cmdl. param.
Alpha - 23.09.2009
[FIXED] Bugs when chatting while using a weapon

[FIXED] Teams did not leave when player timed out
[FIXED] Sometimes wrong waterlevel when re-playing and in menu
[FIXED] Turn end caused by fall damage removed projectiles etc.
[FIXED] Crosshair sometimes rendered with wrong alpha value

[ADDED] Water animation

[ADDED] post-game statistics and timeline
[ADDED] UDP network debug notifications (for testing only)

Alpha - 18.09.2009
[FIXED] Power Jumps can't push other players on contact anymore
[CHANGED] Internal frame data handling / Sync changes

[CHANGED] Poisoned players now lose 2 HP per turn

[ADDED] Scroll through weapon menus with mousewheel

[ADDED] in-game player color in front of team names
[ADDED] "your turn" sound notification when game is suspended
[ADDED] Chat-bubble when current player has menu/chat opened
[ADDED] "Sleeping" player state
[ADDED] No Wind
[ADDED] Flood
[ADDED] Blow Gun (Tranquilizer)
[ADDED] Gamma Gun
[ADDED] Quake
[ADDED] Cage

Alpha - 14.09.2009
[FIXED] Supply crates will not be spawned on top of cave maps anymore

[FIXED] Supply crates sync problems (hopefully...)

[CHANGED] Ice grenade now really freezes players

[CHANGED] Sonic grenade confuses players
[CHANGED] Horizontal and vertical lasers are weaker (65 damage)
[CHANGED] Improved player physics
[CHANGED] Enhanced auto camera scrolling

[ADDED] Enhanced UDP reliability with CRC32 checksum validation

[ADDED] Turn/round progress bar + round gong sound
[ADDED] Join/leave sounds
[ADDED] Player states (poisoned, confused, frozen)
[ADDED] Plane Strike
[ADDED] Brain Punsh
[ADDED] Poison Grenade
[ADDED] Effect Neutralizer
[ADDED] Fart
[ADDED] Brige Part
[ADDED] Winter
[ADDED] Pandemic
[ADDED] Steel Bat
[ADDED] End Turn
[ADDED] Switch Player
[ADDED] Stoning

Alpha - 09.09.2009
[FIXED] Health/team ingame HUD display bugs

[FIXED] Supply crates sync problems

[CHANGED] Improved serverlist
[ADDED] In-game player kicking

[ADDED] New terrain forms
[ADDED] Friends List
[ADDED] Map editor
[ADDED] Player accessories
[ADDED] Power Jump
[ADDED] Triple Power Jump
[ADDED] Super Teleport

Alpha - 05.09.2009
[FIXED] Some collision problems

[FIXED] Bug in player health setting

[CHANGED] Slightly enhanced player physics
[ADDED] Some effects

[ADDED] Fire/object system (experimental)
[ADDED] Supply Crates (+server setting)
[ADDED] Bridge Kit
[ADDED] Super Bridge Kit
[ADDED] Horizontal Laser
[ADDED] Vertical Laser
[ADDED] RC Missile
[ADDED] Ghost Rocket
[ADDED] Napalm
[ADDED] Molotov Cocktail
[ADDED] Diabolic Grenade
[ADDED] Sonic Grenade
[ADDED] Cookie
[ADDED] Apple
[ADDED] Heavy Airstrike
[ADDED] Hang-Glider

Alpha - 30.08.2009
[FIXED] Some minor script bugs
[ADDED] Amount/first use can be controlled in weapon selection menu

[ADDED] Additional server settings (health, turn time, backing time)
[ADDED] Pick
[ADDED] Anvil
[ADDED] Arrow Rain
[ADDED] Jackhammer
[ADDED] Self-Healing
[ADDED] Time Bonus
[ADDED] Castle Kit
[ADDED] Short Teleport

Alpha - 28.08.2009
[FIXED] hudpositioning problems

[FIXED] Maps stayed destructed when re-playing (serverside only)

[CHANGED] terrainimage/terrainalphaimage images are drawn centered now

[CHANGED] Mortar launcher is slightly green now
[CHANGED] Homing missile launcher is slightly blue now

[ADDED] Audiodriver selection

[ADDED] terrainimage/terrainalphaimage have a rotation parameter
[ADDED] CRC32 checksum for file transfers
[ADDED] Laser for easier aiming with sniper
[ADDED] Desert landscape
[ADDED] Paintgun
[ADDED] Drill Rocket
[ADDED] Armageddon
[ADDED] Balloon
[ADDED] Plasma Gun
[ADDED] Crossbow
[ADDED] Spear
[ADDED] Uppercut
[ADDED] Digger

Alpha - 26.08.2009
[FIXED] Crosshair position

[FIXED] Teleporting into other players/terrain

[CHANGED] Buildings are now scripted

[CHANGED] Weapon selection interface

[ADDED] Weapon sets

[ADDED] New weapon category (movement)
[ADDED] Crosshair script command
[ADDED] Fall damage effect
[ADDED] Sniper
[ADDED] Mortar
[ADDED] Laser
[ADDED] Homing Missile
[ADDED] Chainsaw Launcher

Alpha - 23.08.2009
[FIXED] Wrong ammo/charge HUD display
[CHANGED] Minigun is less precise

[CHANGED] Improved explosions

[ADDED] Colored turn display text

[ADDED] Fall sounds and damage
[ADDED] Limited weapon amounts
[ADDED] Weapon "first use"-restrictions
[ADDED] Dynamite
[ADDED] Explosive Belt
[ADDED] Jet-Pack
[ADDED] Parachute
[ADDED] Airstrike
[ADDED] Teleport

Alpha - 11.08.2009
[FIXED] Crash when loading too large/small maps
[CHANGED] Improved in-game menus

[CHANGED] Improved serverlist
[CHANGED] All weapons are now scripted with Lua

[ADDED] Red map boundaries when building

[ADDED] Additional animated foliage
[ADDED] Annoying branches
[ADDED] "Extra"-setting for each team in lobby
[ADDED] Automatic team creation when joining/hosting
[ADDED] Animated player faces
[ADDED] Arrows which point at projectiles
[ADDED] Ice Grenade
[ADDED] Frag Grenade

Alpha - 26.07.2009
[FIXED] Bullets didn't cause damage sometimes
[CHANGED] MG fires a burst now
[ADDED] Weapon selection menu

[ADDED] Pistol
[ADDED] Shotgun
[ADDED] Minigun
[ADDED] Buildings (bars and blocks)
[ADDED] Effects (muzzle stuff, recoil, water, death)

Alpha - 18.07.2009
[FIXED] Projectiles were killed by water too early
[CHANGED] Netcode changes for better synchronicity

[CHANGED] Some graphical improvements

[ADDED] Drill (VERY basic)

[ADDED] Wind [ADDED] Parallax background clouds [ADDED] Animated grass [ADDED] Basic USGN serverlist

Alpha & Alpha
Changes and date not documented
Alpha - 09.05.2009
[CHANGED] Improved terrain graphics
[ADDED] Grenades

[ADDED] Crosshair for easier aiming

Alpha - 04.05.2009
[FIXED] Attacking close players with MG caused too much damage
[ADDED] Jumping
Alpha - 04.05.2009
[FIXED] Sync problem with more than 2 players
[ADDED] Game Over screen
Alpha - 03.05.2009
[ADDED] Simple blood effects

[ADDED] Weapon impact pushes players around

Alpha - 01.05.2009
0 position while in chat

[FIXED] Round ended while players were still in the air (falling)

[CHANGED] MG has 10 shots with 5 dmg (instead of 5 with 10 dmg)

[CHANGED] Player names in in-game chat are colored

[ADDED] You can charge the bazooka and control its firepower
Alpha - 26.04.2009
Experimental internal release for testing purposes.

Two weapons (bazooka and machine gun) and very basic gameplay without jumping. No win or loss conditions. Primitive random map generation and spawn position detection. Online games are asynchronous frequently and sometimes the synchronization freezes completely at the end of a turn so it is impossible to continue the game.

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