List of Stranded II modifications

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|Nothern Legion
|Nothern Legion
|playable / iced
|Leiche / RoyalFlash
|Leiche / RoyalFlash

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List of Stranded 2 Modifications:

Name Status Author General Theme Language(s) Download
S2 Extension Mod playable/WIP nmG/CommunityProject extends everything german Homepage + Download
Kidnap Mod finished HudaJan N/A english Download
Stranded 2.5 finished BiGSiD improved graphics german Download
Nothern Legion playable / iced Leiche / RoyalFlash nothern german Thread + Download
V666 N/A Vectar666 N/A english Thread + Download
Beyond the polar circle finished Tomasobst nothern (?) english Thread + Download
Pupp3t finished Pupp3t extension english Thread + Download
Lost in Space iced / alpha Mc Leaf Space german Thread
Massive Mod playable / WIP Builder2-0 extension english Thread + Download
Vertical Challenge finished Maenardil ? english Thread + Download
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