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Below is some useful information for Carnage Contest scripters.


Below are listed the available particles that can be created with the particle(type,x,y) command.

Image Name of particle Info
P smoke.png p_smoke Smoke is not affected by gravity and has nearly no movement. It's very hard to see so it's better to create more than one smoke particle.
P lightpuff.png p_lightpuff Is not affected by gravity but is randomly moving in a small area (by default).
P fragment.png p_fragment Is affected by gravity. When called it creates more than one particle.
P blood.png p_blood Affected by gravity. When it hits the ground it doesn't create blood.
P bigblood.png p_bigblood Affected by gravity. When it hits the ground it creates blood.
P muzzle.png p_muzzle Creates a muzzleflash that is not affected by gravity. Good as a weapon shooting effect.
File:P bubble.png p_bubble A bubble which is only visible inside the water. Becomes transparent (fade out) when it reaches the water surface.
P waterray.png p_waterray This is a water effect. Is not affected by gravity and wind.
P waterhit.png p_waterhit This is an water effect. Is not affected by gravity and wind. Normally it's used as an effect for particles hitting the water.
P bodypart.png p_bodypart Is affected by gravity and the body gets fired into a random direction at random speed. By default it already creates blood particles.
P ring.png p_ring Is not affected by wind and gravity.
P firefragment.png p_firefragment This fragment is affected by wind and gravity. Creates a line of particles.
P explosion.png p_explosion Is not affected by wind and gravity.
P dust.png p_dust Is affected by wind and gravity, more by wind than by gravity. The dust is very hard too see.
P flare.png p_flare Is not affected by wind and gravity. This particle lasts long.
P spark.png p_spark Is affected by wind and gravity and collides with the terrain/players/objects. Sparks can easily decrease the FPS and cause lags when you create too many of them (because of the collision detection). So do not create too many particles of this type at the same time.
P bullet.png p_bullet Is affected by wind and gravity. Gets fired up and then falls down.

Player States:

Commands which use these states are getplayerstate(player,state) and playerstate(player,state,set)

Image Name of State Info
State poisoned.png state_poisoned The player looses 2 hp on every round end.
State confused.png state_confused The player's movement directions are inversed. This state only lasts for one turn.
State frozen.png state_frozen The player can't move or change the direction. This state only lasts for one turn.
State sleeping.png state_sleeping The player has to intermission for one round.
State invisible.png state_invisible Player becomes invisible for enemies, but only if you are playing online against them!

Blend types:

These blend types get used by the command setblend(blend)

Heli1.png Original Picture
Blend mask.png blend_mask Doesn't draw magenta pixels, useful for transparency in .bmp pictures. This blend gives the image a very strong contrast.
Blend solid.png blend_solid Ignores transparency, also in png images, and draws the whole image .
Blend alpha.png blend_alpha Draws image transparent. In this case this blend setting is the best solution.
Blend light.png blend_light Ignores dark colors, as you can see there are no rotors on this image
Blend shaded.png blend_shade Draws the image darker and ignores transparency of png images
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