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|name=Stranded I
|name=<font color="#A46A00">Stranded I</font>
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|image=File:Stranded I.png
|caption=Gameplay screenshot
|caption=Gameplay screenshot
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[[category:Stranded I]]
[[category:Stranded I]]

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Stranded I
Stranded I.png
Gameplay screenshot


Unreal Software

Current version

Date of first release

Middle of 2003

Date of latest release

December 5, 2003



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Stranded I (released simply as Stranded, now also known as Stranded 1 or SI / S1 for short) is a freeware 3D-adventure-survival-game developed by Peter Schauss (aka DC). Its most recent release was published as "gold" version on December 5, 2003.


In the 3D adventure Stranded you assume the role of a castaway, stranded on a desert island.

Your objective is simple: to survive. After that you have to care about a way back home. To achieve that you have to collect or even grow food, produce tools or build structures.

It becomes even harder when you spot wild animals. You will have to equip yourself with the right weapons to defend your life, or otherwise you may find yourself to be the prey.

Besides the random map with an always different look there are three more islands with special missions. An included map editor allows you to create your own islands.

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