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==Reception by community==
The little information leaked was a subject of the happiness and surprisal of the community members<ref name="happy1">[ Forum post]</ref><ref name="happy2">[ Forum post]</ref>. Being the only piece of information officially confirmed about the upcoming game, it provides the ability to speculate about the outcome.
<!--Knowing that the graphics engine of Stranded III will be Ogre3D, some members have assumed that the game would be aimed more toward realistic graphics<ref name="realism1">[ Forum post]</ref><ref name="realism2">[ Forum post]</ref>. That assumption was in no way commented by DC. commented since Game engine was changed-->
Multiplayer mode in Stranded III is confirmed.<ref name="multi">[ Dev-Blog post about multiplayer]</ref>
Multiplayer mode in Stranded III is confirmed.<ref name="multi">[ Dev-Blog post about multiplayer]</ref>

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Stranded III Stranded III icon mini.png
Stranded III.png
Author: Unreal Software
Current version: Alpha (UNKNOWN)
Release date: UNRELEASED
Genre: Adventure/Survival
Download link: UNRELEASED
Stranded III (nicknamed S3 or SIII) is a game project by Unreal Software. Work officially started on 19.08.2012.


According to the information leaked by DC[1], Stranded III will be distributed free of charge, similar to all other games developed by Unreal Software. It is also known that the programming language used will be C#/JavaScript/Lua, and the game engine will Unity3D since DC stopped developing with Orgre3D for various reasons.

With the post on 4th April 2011, he stated that he has "...already started some basic work but there's nothing [he] could show yet"[1]. The roughest estimate of the reveal or release date, according to DC, is 'probably years away'[2].

Since 19.08.2012 DC has been posting game updates of the closed alpha in a Devblog.

Facts & Plans:
  • The game is being developed with Unity3D
  • It will have a multiplayer mode and it will use the U.S.G.N.
  • It will use Lua as scripting language
  • It will be modifiable
  • The game will run on Windows, maybe also on Linux and MacOS. The server will run on Windows and Linux
  • A mobile version is not planned


Multiplayer mode in Stranded III is confirmed.[4] It will be part of the Unreal Software Gaming Network which is also used for CC and CS2D multiplayers.

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