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Hardstyle.png Welcome to
Medeiros's Userpage
Portuguesew.png This user is a native Portuguese speaker.
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I am one of the first users to edit on this wiki, back in August 2011.

I'm a member of since about 2008, but this account was created on the afternoon of 14th December 2011 (no, I did not evade any ban).

I have played all the games made by Unreal Software, and I was the first person to create a clan (which is now dead) for Carnage Contest. Oh, and I also appear on its 'About' page.

Past usernames

  • Rodrigo X
  • Hardstylehunt3r
  • deathmask'0



Check out my CS2D mini frag montage!

My CS2D mini frag montage:


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