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Ultrakill shotgun

"Mankind is dead, Blood is fuel, Hell is full"

Terminal Data

An experimental close range weapon that uses hyperconcentrated heat as its projectiles.

After each shot, the shotgun must be opened to allow its heat-generating cores to vent excess heat, stopping them from melting or exploding. This process is largely automated, requiring little more from the user than a flick of the wrist.

In the case of core failure, the pump can be used as a manual heat building mechanism. This process has been simplified via a small button near the grip that pumps the shotgun without requiring physical force from the user, though its ease of use has also greatly increased the reported amount of misfires from users pumping too much heat into a single shot.

Heat weapons never caught on as much as electric weapons due to their volatile nature and strict cooling requirements, but unlike electric weapons, they don't require a separate projectile, making their ammunition truly infinite rather than just practically infinite.

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Made by user TempoCat

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10 kb, 93 Downloads


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*Gianni's voice*
I am going to ultrakill you, you insignificant fuck!

Have a like, great job!
I like it!
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